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​Character image or original IP of DREAMer's work & self-made works

Original production by DREAMer

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2020 new plan

With the theme of gods, the incarnation of Taiwan's superheroes, there are currently gods and heroes, the golden warrior [Zhongtan Marshal Third Prince], the mecha hero [Guan Shengdijun], the girl warrior [Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva], the magical girl [Tianfei Mazu], Drifting Master [Jigong Living Buddha], etc. 

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​Team history

This journal (original name: "DREAM Dream Creation and COSPLAY Comprehensive Information Journal") was founded in "Mingxian Culture" in 2005. It is the earliest and best-selling special quarterly magazine in Taiwan to promote local original works, fan creation and COSPLAY, 2005 Since its inception, a total of 48 issues have been published, and it has been in circulation for 14 years. All the comics, illustrations, novels, cosplay introductions, teachings, etc. created or original by fans are reported in detail. In addition to the reports of major events in Taiwan, the reports include events in Japan and Europe, as small as All campus community achievement exhibitions should be included. Rich in content and strong production lineup, it is the most authoritative COSPLAY & fan information magazine in Taiwan.

   The magazine has published thousands of cosplayer players and hundreds of fellow creators, and has also published works with Japan's most authoritative cosplay magazine "COSMODE" and the most representative magazine in mainland China "Top Magazine", and is the largest in mainland China. The event "ChinaJoy" is a co-manufacturer and a judge, and the Japanese multinational information website "Asian Youth Culture Network asianbeat" has jointly produced a special edition of Taiwan's COSPLAYER. Summit (WCS)" Taiwan Regional Trials.

  In 2017, the team began to publish two journals, "DREAM Dream" (VOL. 43-48) and "Meng Niang Radio" (first-issue to 17), which have now been completed. Goal, the original project production team DREAM.Project team also officially graduated from Feiyan Wenchuang in September 2019. Since 2020, it has been an independent group & brand. Currently, it continues to operate as a website. The main axis is 2.5-dimensional information related to COSPLAY. I also ask readers to continue to support us. I would like to thank you all with a deep bow!

Re: DREAMer 48

"Re:" Again, a new life. "DREAM" is the "dream" we created, and "DREAMer" is the "person" who inherits the spirit of DREAM, and can also be called a "dreamer". "48" is a historical milestone filled with dreams, and the symbol it represents. This is the spirit of Re:DREAMer, and it is also the "DREAM" that continues the dream and creates a new "DREAM".

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