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taiwan god hero


Work Concept:

The concept of [God] = [Hero] creates a Taiwanese superhero. The well-known gods have turned into superheroes who protect Taiwan. This time, "HERO Zhongtan Marshal Third Prince", "HERO Guan Sheng Emperor", "HERO Heavenly Virgin - Mazu", "HERO Guanyin Bodhisattva", "HERO" "Jigong Living Buddha" and other five gods headed by the creation, combining the concept of American and Japanese heroes with Taiwanese culture.

Project source:

In cooperation with the "Chunhui Project", the well-known gods are transformed into superheroes who protect Taiwan. This time, the five gods are headed, "anti-betel nut", "anti-smoking", "anti-drug", "anti-AIDS" ” and “Anti-alcohol” five demands, with Taiwan’s original heroes and Taiwan’s five well-known COSPLAYER endorsements, shooting anti-drug propaganda short films and image propaganda photos, cutting into the most popular role-playing among young people now and combining anti-drug activities positively. God, hero, cosplay, Taiwan original, cross-border integration, using the strongest positive energy to promote the "no" to drugs together.


Original: : Shadow KAGE

Costume designer:MANAMI

Drawings: Ye Mingxuan, Big Universe Sapphire, JU, Snow Song Grass, Zelitt Zelitt

Character prototype COS: Xi Zhen, NENEKO, Mao Mao, Ultimate, G

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